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IV Wellness + Aesthetics

Here are 4 ways we can help you find your inner and outer glow.

IV Wellness + Aesthetics - IV Therapy

Choose from our extended collection of IV Cocktails to feel your best.

IV Wellness + Aesthetics - Aesthetics
Aesthetic Services

Learn more about our exclusive aesthetic service options to look your best.

IV Wellness + Aesthetics - Laser Therapy

We’ve got you covered for all laser treatment options. Click to learn more.

Classic Lash Extension
Esthetician Services

Pick from our menu of aesthetician services. Get started now!

Jenni Scheel
oh, hey there,

I'm Jenni Scheel!

I am the founder and artistic eye behind IV Wellness + Aesthetics. I am a doctorate prepared Nurse Practitioner board certified in Aesthetics by The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

My focus is on vitamin deficiency, and anti-aging therapies. I strive to bring these into harmony to attain maximum results to reach your optimum wellness and vitality.

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You’ll leave our office feeling refreshed, renewed and restored.  There’s nothing like glowing on the inside and outside.

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